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Ways that You Can Harm Your Tree

If you have a beautiful tree in your yard, you would never put it in harm’s way obviously. However, there are some ways that you can harm your tree without you knowing it.  

You may not be aware of a couple of minor activities that can hurt your tree a lot. However, that is fine. The vital thing to keep in mind is that you know what’s bad for the tree. This will help you make the best decisions down the line if you have to hire a tree service in Kenner. 

Here are a couple of ways that you can harm a tree without you knowing it.  

Covering the Roots of a Tree or Building Over It 

You may have the temptation to hide unappealing tree roots. However, does it damage the tree if you do this? Well, the answer varies. It isn’t a great idea to cover the tree roots with concrete. Roots will find space by any means necessary if they’re in need of it to grow. Thus, the roots can heave or crack the concrete that you have placed over it. Luckily, there are a lot of great ways to hide the roots.  

Planting Trees Close Together 

You might also have the urge to plant trees in close corridors. Is it okay? Well, the answer is no. Trees require personal space as well. Trees are forced to compete for nutrients and water in the soil if you plant them too close together. In addition to that, the tree’s sprawling roots can get in the way of each other. No trees will be able to survive in the end in these crowded growing conditions. That’s why you have to put a space in between the trees when planting. 

Using Staples, Screws, or Nails on a Tree 

You might have to use staples, screws, or nails if you want to make your mark on the tree. However, if you do this, will it damage the tree? While it isn’t a great idea to drill into a tree, this one isn’t a real issue. Mature and healthy trees can typically endure minor nails hammered or screws drilled into them. However, you should not drill or nail a tree that’s weak or has a thin bark. Aside from that, you’ve got to follow the proper way of drilling or driving nails into a tree without harming it.  

Applying Mulch Too Close to the Trunk 

For trees, mulch is very useful. It helps control pesky weeds, it preserves moisture and regulates the temperature of the soil. Of course, you might assume that applying mulch is beneficial for a tree. However, that’s not the case. You still have to do it properly.  

If you pile up mulch on the trunk of a tree, it produces a lot of moisture. This will lead to decay. If the bark of a tree is decaying, the foundation of a tree will not be strong anymore. That’s the reason why you have to follow the right way of applying mulch to your tree. 

Concrete for Businesses

Have you ever thought about incorporating concrete in your business’ interior design? Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve the interior of your commercial property, concrete can provide any brand and business with the appearance they desire. Concrete could be the right material for your project, whether your goal is to boost your commercial property’s value or produce elegant ambiance within the store.  

Businesses That Should Use Concrete 

While almost every business can use concrete patios, floors, countertops, and other surfaces for aesthetic and functional purposes, the businesses that we are going to mention below can really benefit from concrete as an exterior or interior addition. These businesses include: 

  • Grocery stores 
  • Retail stores 
  • Coffee shops 
  • Convenient stores 
  • Banks 
  • Bars 
  • Restaurants 
  • And much more 

Most stores have a place where clients can check out and buy their products. If this is the case for you, you can use concrete for a sleek countertop. Aside from that, all businesses have a floor. Rather than regularly deep cleaning carpets or vacuuming them, you can think about installing a concrete floor. You should also consider concrete if you are planning to invest a lot of money pm other materials. Concrete is a material that offers a longer lifespan. Though plain concrete does not have a glamorous appearance, it can be installed to copy a lot of various materials.  

Reasons to Use Concrete 

Concrete has limitless style options. From various textures and colors to the other flooring materials concrete can copy, the possibilities offered by concrete is infinite. By choosing concrete, you will be able to search for the perfect style for your commercial property using concrete overlays, stamping, and much more.  

Durability is another benefit of concrete. Many customers will be in and out of your business on a day-to-day basis if you run a busy business. Concrete will be able to withstand the daily abuse of daily workers, customers, and much more.  

Adding concrete can enhance the property’s overall value if you are interested in selling it. think about using concrete for the countertops, floors, and other areas of your property. This will help improve the building’s overall value. On most occasions, concrete will enable you to sell the property for more than it was quoted initially.  

Versatility of Concrete 

You can make concrete to appear like a lot of different materials. Some of the materials that concrete can copy include wood, tile, stone, and more. To achieve this, a concrete contractor will use a concrete overlay. An overlay is simply an additional layer of concrete that is poured on top of the surface’s base. It’s primarily done for aesthetic purposes. But it can also be done to restructure and repair older properties and surfaces. Concrete can have a lot of various appearance for a fraction of the price of particular materials.  

However, you have to keep in mind that all of these benefits can only be achieved through proper installation. This means that you’ve got to hire a professional concrete contractor in Sparks for the project. Make sure you find one that specializes in commercial concrete projects.  

Things to Know About Girdling Roots

People expect to see the roots of a tree stretch wide and far into their landscapes. People don’t expect these roots to scoop up and wrap around the trunk of a tree. However, that truth is that this happens.  

Tree girdling is what it’s called. It is when the roots of a tree encircle its trunk. A person may say that it appears like the roots are strangling or chocking the tree if they’ve got to describe it.  

Well, that is certainly the case. Girdling roots do cut off the flow of water and food. Thus, it suffocates the tree.  

Before you hire tree service in Kenner, here are several things you should know about girdling roots: 

What Is It? 

For those who don’t know, girdling roots are roots that partially or fully wrap around the trunk of a tree. This can occur above ground. This means that the wrapping roots are noticeable. However, it can also occur just below the ground surface where we cannot notice the problem.  

Linden and maple trees are the most vulnerable trees. However, all trees can suffer from this issue.  

The Causes of this Problem 

Tree girdling roots are caused by incorrect tree planting more often than not. This can mean a lot of things, such as: 

  • Planting a plant inside a container without loosening up the circling roots. 
  • Creating a hole for the plant that is too deep. This forces the roots to grow up toward the surface since it needs air and water. 
  • Planning a hole that is extremely small. This stops roots from spreading out.  

A couple of post-planting activities can lead to girdled roots as well. This includes piling too much mulch. If you do this, it can result in girdling roots. 

Signs of Girdling Roots and How to Detect It 

They are easy to recognize if the girdled roots are above the ground. However, you will have to look out for other signs since girdling can also occur below the surface of the soil. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, girdling roots stop the flow of nutrients. They stop the movement of water. Since the tree is deprived of these vital nutrients, it will experience a couple of issues. Here are a couple of indications that might signify your tree has girdling roots.  

  • One side of the trunk appears like it is going straight into the ground. Usually, you’ll notice that the trunk looks like a pole that has no natural look.  
  • There are leafless and dead branches in the canopy.  
  • Leaves droop or change color well before the fall season. 
  • Tree canopy looks thin. 

Removal and Treatment of Girdling Roots 

Removal of tree girdling root will need digging up the ground from around the tree and getting rid of the roots using a saw or a chisel. If you do not have the tools or if you don’t know how to do the job properly, you can hire a professional tree service company or an arborist to do the job for you.  

Landscaping Services that You Could Get

The home becomes a home when people or the home owners living in it are happy and contented. Happiness and contentment might be hard to achieve but it is not impossible. You could always achieve happiness and contentment in your home by getting everything that you want and all that you could afford. Enrich your eyes through the things that you could see in your own home so that you would create that feeling of happiness and contentment.  

One way to enrich your eyes in your own home to beautify it even more is to make sure that you have a great landscape or garden in your property. Seeing green and the elements of nature in your home is a great way to relax from all of your tensions. Aside from that, a good landscape or a beautiful garden increases the whole look of the home; it improves the curb appeal of your home in a whole level. This is also a good way to find a hobby in your free time; you could plant trees and flowers to add to your beautiful landscape. Plus, you could also harvest your own fruits and vegetables in your own garden if you wish to have produce in your garden.  

But, gardening or landscaping is difficult to do if you do not have enough knowledge and skills to do it the right way. You should not worry too much because there are professionals who could be there to rescue you and your garden. Professional landscapers such as High Point landscaping will be there to assist you in all your landscaping needs. Here are the services that you could get from the professionals: 

1. Designing your landscape 

If you want your landscape to be professionally designed by true experts, you could hire them to do so. This is a good way to improve your landscape without having to do the labor on your own. At least, you will have expert people doing the job for you. Plus, hiring them is an assurance that you will be able to achieve the design that you want for your own landscape or garden.  

2. Weed Removal 

Weeds are not friendly to plants, flowers or trees. It is also not pleasing to look at, so the best way to get rid of weeds growing in your garden is to have professionals take care of this problem of yours. Professionals would be able to mix the right chemicals to get rid of weeds plus they will be cleaning off your garden for you from the wastes of the weeds infesting in your garden.  

3. Lawn Maintenance 

Of course, gardening or landscaping is not a one-time activity. Every now and then you have to maintain it properly and all of the plants in your garden. Plants need to be watered and they also need to have fertilizer in the soil where it is growing so that it would be able to reach its full potential.  

If you are a busy person, you should just call the experts in landscaping to help you out with certain services that you want to be done for your garden.  

The Importance of Regular Lawn Maintenance

A lawn of the home is a very vital part in the whole look of the home. A lawn of a home could make or break the look of the home. If you do not have a well maintained lawn, garden or landscape then it could easily affect the whole aesthetic of your home. Even if you do not say it, we know that all of us prefer homes that have good and well maintained gardens. There is really a different look to homes that gives attention to their landscaping which is very visible in their homes.  

Now most home owners forget about the importance of a well maintained garden since most home owners are busy from their work and their businesses, that’s why they do not have enough time to give to maintaining their garden. Sometimes, there are also home owners who just do not maintain their garden regularly which is not an ideal thing to do. If you really want to improve the look of your home, you should give regular attention and care to your garden because it really needs proper and regular maintenance.  

Given that the world is full of busy people like you who do not have enough time to do all of their supposed tasks in one day, there are companies such as lawn care service in Gulfport who are willing to help busy people like you deal with their gardens and landscapes. You truly need to maintain your landscape regularly if you want positive results. Here are the reasons why you have to maintain your lawn properly: 

1. Maintain Curb Appeal 

Trees, flowers and other plants change and grow from time to time. Trees grow longer or the leaves of your trees could fall off in a certain season, flowers can wilt and other plants could bear fruits and vegetables that needs to be harvested in different months. All of the plants that you could have in your garden will be growing differently, so there is a need for you to maintain them so that you will still have a beautiful curb appeal even if these plants are constantly growing.  

2. Longer Plant Life 

If you maintain your landscape regularly’ meaning you water your plants properly, you put fertilizers on them occasionally and you remove weeds and other things that could hinder them from growing, you could be sure that your plants could live a longer life and could stay with you for a longer period of time. They just need some loving and caring for them to live a long life in your landscaping.  

3. Cleanliness 

Improving the look of your curb through maintaining your lawn also means maintaining the cleanliness of the garden. You could do this if you maintain it regularly. A clean garden is very important so that you would not attract unwanted pests such as ants, rats and other pests that could attack and damage not just your garden but your home as well.  

Maintaining your lawn could be easy, only if you ask help from the right people who are the professional lawn care service providers.